South Side Maniac Strain – Granite Country


South Side Maniac Strain
Lemon Maniac x Otto
Granite Country Genetics
10 Regular Seeds

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South Side Maniac Strain
Lemon maniac x otto.. 10 seeds regs also comes with a 10 pack FUERTE= oaxaca x otto.. (yes 20 seeds total!)
otto= donating male cbd Selected due to its steady and predictable increase of THC throughout the flowering stage. Vigorous even in extreme arid climates and consistently averages between 10 to 12% CBD. Over all a extremely versatile plants with unique attributes. Nose is heavy hops based with a sweet floral back end.

Lemon Maniac= the lemon x maniac With a over powering OG nose with a boosted lemon back end this variety is nothing to pass on. Created by golden coast genetics this variety does extremely well in the Southwest region with rock hard greasy colas. Plant over all structure is shorter than most M throws a massive ceredigion family lives. With a stem rub that will blow your socks off and a excellent vigor, this is a great variety for those looking for AOG style plant that does well outdoors as well as in

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