Heavily Connected Points System

We appreciate your business, that is why we setup the Heavily Connected points system. For every $10 you spend on our store you will receive 1 point that equivalent to 1 dollar. These points can be used any time on future orders to save money.
Points are awarded when order is marked as complete and shipped. 

Your Points Balance

How To EARN Points

Earn 1 point for every $10 you spend. Every time you checkout and spend money you will earn points. You can choose to save up these points or use them on your next purchase. You Must Be Registered To Earn Points. No Points will not be earned on shipping fees.

How To SPEND Points

Once you have your products in your cart and you have a balance in points you will see in the image below there will be a loyalty points discount box. You can choose to use as many points as you like to save money on your order.

Shopping Cart
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