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Donut Dollie Strain

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Donut Dollie Strain
Chemdog x Tina Danza X OTTO
Granite Country Genetics
10 Regular Seeds

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Donut Dollie Strain
chemdog x tina danza X OTTO 10 seeds regs also comes with a 10 pack FUERTE= oaxaca x otto.. (yes 20 seeds total!)
otto= donating male cbd. Vigorous even in extreme arid climates and consistently averages between 10 to 12% CBD. Over all a extremely versatile plants with unique attributes. Nose is heavy hops based with a sweet floral back end.

chem dog x tina danza ….. Created by heroes of the farm this cross performed quite well in the arid Southwest despite being created in the Pacific Northwest with a unique Kim like knows this variety puts out greasy tight packed flowers that do not disappoint. Plants throw large fans and have an excellent overall structure that make maintenance a breeze.

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