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Fuerte Strain

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Fuerte Strain
Oaxaca x Otto
Granite Country genetics
10 Regular Seeds

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Fuerte Strain
oaxaca x otto 10 seeds regs also comes with a 10 pack FUERTE= oaxaca x otto.. (yes 20 seeds total!)
otto= donating male cbd. Vigorous even in extreme arid climates and consistently averages between 10 to 12% CBD. Over all a extremely versatile plants with unique attributes. Nose is heavy hops based with a sweet floral back end.

oacaca Originally labeled as the working man smoke this land race variety that always brings a Spring to your step. With a nose that smells of rotten mangoes around a horse corral this variety is always a standout amongst the group. Extremely mold resistant and with unbeatable resilience for all biological and environmental pressures. One of the oldest varieties held in house by granite country genetics…

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