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Heavily Connected SeedBank

Here at Heavily Connected Seed Bank, we make it our goal to provide excellent service and 100% satisfaction to our customers. Browse our genetics section to view popular breeders such as In House Genetics, Lits Farms, Most Wanted Genetics, Thug Pug Genetics & More.

In House Genetics

Inhouse Genetics a Pacific Northwest Breeder producing fire for over 17 years! Sugarcane, Slurricane , Goliath , Permafrost , Platinum , Ogkb 2.1 , Jelly Breath , Dolato , Divine Gelato , Mac Daddy and the list goes on! If you're looking for the most sought after fire strains look no further.

Lit Farms Genetics

Lit Farms based out of California and Nevada . He has been breeding and Growing with Tahoe Hydroponics for over 7 years , creating strains such as Watermelon Gelato, Cocoa pebbles , watermelon og , drunk driver, watermelon mimosa, Fleetwood mac ,watermelon sangria and many more!

Most Wanted Genetics

Most Wanted Genetics . Owner of Heavily Connected ,New to the breeding game , growing and collecting strains for over 7 years....
Stay tuned.. we are just getting started!!


I wanted the biggest, frostiest, rank smelling flowers I could find, and it became an obsession of mine to find those possibilities. All I could think of day and night was what would come next and how I could get there in the process. Through a network of great friends, and an undying passion for greatness, Exotic Genetix was born and I couldn’t have been prouder of what had been created.
- Exoticgenetix Mike -

Banana Runtz Cake 13 Hills
13 Hills Seeds

13 Hills now available at Heavily Connected Seedbank.

World class genetics!
Breed 100% organically!

So Fem Genetics Seeds
So Fem Genetics

So Fem Genetics is a Michigan Based Breeder producing great Autoflower Seeds. These Autoflower seeds can be grown very easily , even in your Veg Room ! These Packs Wont last long Starting at only $25 each.



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