Difference Between Hybrid, Indica & Sativa Seeds

Difference Between Hybrid, Indica & Sativa Seeds
Difference Between Hybrid, Indica & Sativa Seeds

just like Feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds hybrid, indica and sativa seeds has there own pros and cons and each comes with their own benefits. Now and days it’s hard to find pure Indica or sativa strains so 99% of what we see available is either a 50/50 hybrid or Indica dominant hybrid, or sativa dominant hybrid. If you are new to growing and interested in finding out the difference between indica, sativa and hybrid seeds continue reading!

Indica Seeds

Indica seeds or indica dominant hybrids seem to be the strain of choice for the younger crowd due to the powerful effects some strains can have. Indica can be short for “In The Couch” meaning once you smoke some it can leave you glued to the couch for hours to come. Not all indicas will have this effect but this is one of the common side effects when using indica strains. Indicas are most commonly used at night to relax, and can help with pain, stress or insomnia. Indica plants tend to grow more bushy then sativa plants and usually has bigger yields.

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Sativa Seeds

Sativa seeds or sativa dominant hybrids are known for being the strain to give you energy and boost your creative side to get you thinking outside the box. Sativa strains are often recommended to be used during the day where they give you energy unlike indica strains that have that sedative effect. Sativa strains usually grow tall and thin and can be taller then most indica plants but will not always have as big of a yield. Sativas have a great effect on the mind and emotions and for this reason is often used to help with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

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 Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds can be either a 50/50 even mix of Indica & sativa or can be Indica dominant or sativa dominant. By saying it is Indica dominant were saying the plant will take on more characteristics and traits from the indica plant. Hybrids seeds are the most popular and most common seeds sold world wide.  hybrid seeds will offer the benefits of both the sativa and indica plant and depending on what is more dominant will depend on the growth of the plant.

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