Common reasons why your Cannabis seeds never popped
Common Reasons Why Your Seeds Never Germinated

Every now and then we will have a customer reach out complaining that the seeds they purchased are not germinating.  Having sold thousands of individual packs 99% of the time this this is user error and the 1% it is on the breeders side we usually find out from the breeder first and can fix the issue before reaching customers. In our 5 years of business this only ever happened once.

Common Issues when germinating cannabis seeds

#1 Most Common Issue DROWNING SEEDS
This is the most common issue when Germinating seeds. Allot of sites recommend you put your seeds directly into a shot glass or cup of water to germinate the seeds BUT what they do not tell you is how easy it is to drown the seeds doing so.  Every seed is different, no two seeds are them same. Some seeds can crack open in as little as 12 hours some can take 48 hours or more depending on how old the seeds are, how they were stored and the genetics the seeds come from.  Shot glasses or cups of water should only be used to soften the shell and not to fully germinate the seeds as there is a high risk of drowning the seeds if you do not take the out of the water in time.


We recommend a soak of 12 hours for newer seeds and 24 hours for older seeds 2 years and older. After soaking your seeds place them into a lightly dampened paper towel for another 12 to 20 hours and you should have healthy tap roots showing. Be carful not to soak the paper towel to much as you can also risk drowning the seeds. If water is dripping off the paper towel when your finished dampening it or water comes out when you squeeze it then it is to wet for the seeds.

#2 Most Common Issue Handling Of  SEEDS

Most new growers do not realize that seeds are vulnerable to fungus and bacteria and by simply holding them in your hands or fingers can  be harmful to the seeds. Once germinated they will turn fuzzy with a white fungus and the seed will die off.

Tips To Keep From  Spoiling SEEDS

To be safe where a pair of sterilized gloves when handling seeds or a pair of sterilized tweezers.

#3 Most Common Issue To Much Light

Seeds do not need light to germinate,  To much light will slow down or decrease the likelihood of the seed from germinating at all. Light can also cause the seeds to dry out faster and can lead to stunted growth.

Tips To Keep Light From Ruining SEEDS

When germinating seeds always place them them in dark place preferable where the temperature and humidity can be controlled.

#4 Most Common Issue Temperatures to high or to low

This is a common reason why seeds are slow germinating or do not germinate at all. Well the common practice online seems to be to germinate seeds in the dark cabinet this might work 75% of the time but depending on the temps of that cabinet it could be hurting the germination process or it could be helping.  Most houses are set to 20 degrees Celsius but now and days with heat pumps houses are maintained between 18 and 20 degrees where seeds do best germinating in temperatures between 22 – 26 degrees Celsius. The colder the temps the slower the germinating process and you also stand the risk of seeds not germinating.

Tips To Ensure Your Seeds Pop

When germinating seeds its good to have a temperature reading in the area your going to be germinating in so you can keep track of how cool the area gets in the nights and mornings and how warm it gets in the day.  For 10 dollars you can buy a temperature sensor with Minimum and max settings to keep track your highest and lowest temps. By running one of these sensors durning the germination period you can keep track and make any adjustments when needed to keep your seeds happy and healthy.

#5 Most Common Issue Burnt Seeds From Heat Mat

heat mats are often sold in germination kits in hydroponic stores and growers will use them to speed up the germination process but we have seen now hundreds of times growers complaining there tap roots turned brown or seeds look burnt, or the dried up. This is a common problem as it is easy to burn the seeds when they are on direct heat. Heat mats also dry the material or seeds up quicker then normal and can cause stunted growth. We never recommend the use of heat mats when germinating.

Tips To Ensure You Do Not Burn Up Your Seeds

Do not use heat mats when germinating.


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