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Wingsuit Compound Genetics DISCOUNTED

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Wingsuit By Compound Genetics

redbullz (grape gas x white runtz) x GASTROPOP 13+ SEEDS FEM . .

Red Bullz x Gastro Pop
Red Bullz= White Runtz x Grape Gasoline
Aroma: Floral candy gas grape with a minority of selections displaying sweet butterscotch candy terps
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks, with 20% of selections finishing extremely fast
Plant Structure: Moderate stretch and height with variable bud structures. Half displaying massive calyx size and the others have needly calyxes from its White Runtz lineage
Color: Mostly nice purple fade with some selections ‘blackout’ purple
Recommended Grow Style: Indoor, greenhouse
Notes: Wingsuit combines our critically-acclaimed Red Bullz with Gastro Pop in an effort to create the next big “candy gas” selection for the home hobbyist and commercial wholesaler. This cross combines two children of Grape Gasoline- the queen of highly potent purple buds with candy grape terps. There is a high likelihood that this cross will yield a large percentage of grape candy smelling plants, so the seasoned phenohunter should carefully select for one that retains the perfume/flora terp of White Runtz. Our selection of Red Bullz leans heavily on the Runtz side, so this should be highly likely to occur. Expect an array of very potent and aromatic dark purple plants with strong characteristics all around. This cross is sure to be an all-around winner.

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