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Rose Gold Pave


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Rose Gold Pavé (Pavé x Apples & Bananas)
This seed line was initially held back for internal pheno hunting because it combines two of Compound Genetics’ top performers into one. Rose Gold Pavé incorporates Pavé’s nearly flawless bud structure, plant vigor, and trichome coverage while adding a twist of the Apples & Bananas color and variable terpene expression. Flowering time is 9 weeks. These selections ranged from a light fade to dark purple coloration. Many selections from this cross leaned towards Pavé terpenes of gas, cream, menthol with some phenotypes having more funk and fruit from the Apples & Bananas, but all selections had loud aromas and intense flavors. Expect high-yield for almost all selections with average structure of 1.5-2x. This cross should test in the upper ranges of THC percentage (25-30%).
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