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Metaverse By Compound Genetics fems

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Metaverse By Compound Genetics

Metaverse (High Society x Apples & Bananas) 13 seeds fem 

High Society= (Biscotti x Jet Fuel Gelato)

The ‘large calyx’ trait is a signature of both parents and this seems to breed true for this cross. Flowering time is 8-9 weeks. Phenotypes of this seed line will have variable coloration from a light fade to black-out dark purple. Aromas mingle a variety of the savory gas and gelato from the Biscotti heritage with the highly complex Apples & Bananas gas, fruit and funk terps. With an exceptionally high bud to leaf ratio, average structure and a stretch of 1.5-2x. Finished flower is drenched in crystals with a beautiful structure, is easy to trim.
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