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Gastropop S1 Compound genetics

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Gastropop S1 By Compound genetics


Gastro Pop S1
Lineage: Gastro Pop #5 x Gastro Pop #5
Gastro Pop= Apples & Bananas x Grape Gasoline

Aroma: Grape candy, kiwi, sour fruit, turpentine, shoe polish
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Plant Structure: Potentially high internodal distance, medium/high stretch, chunky top buds with shallow triangle shape
Color: Mostly light/dark purple fade
Recommended Grow Style: Indoor
Notes: Gastropop S1 is the Gastropop #5 reversed and self-pollinated. This is akin to an F2 generation, which creates the highest likelihood of creating a very close copy to the original parent, but also creates the possibility of recessive traits being expressed- both good and bad. Our goal with creating this cross is to refine the Gastro Pop #5 parent through selection and allow seed customers to reproduce Gastro Pop #5 from seed. The highly complex aroma and flavor profile of this cultivar creates an exciting prospect for what flavors are possible in the S1 generation. During testing, we found some breathtaking terps that are within the realm of current Gastro Pop flavors, with some intriguing outliers exhibiting spice, candy and savory terps. Almost all display exceptional terps, so selection should be made on quality of bud structure.

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