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Cantava Aficionado Fems


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Cantava Aficionado Fems


  • Size : 5 Feminized Seeds
  • Genetics : Afghan heirloom x Sangria #707
  • Type : Indica Dominant hybrid
  • Pairing : Red fruits / Lemon / Berry / Earthy
  • Indoor maturation : 8 Weeks
  • Outdoor maturation : End September
  • Yield : 650 gr/m²
  • THC : High

After years of development Aficionado French Connection is proud to present in exclusivity our latest strain from the Feminized Menu 2020: la Cantava.

Symbol of the USA and EU top shelf genetics Cantava is the fruit of an European Afghan elite cut from the 90’s with our Sangria # 707 obtained from the cross of Forbidden Fruit with Magnum Opus F11 (different of our 2nd genetic call Sangria forbidden fruit In the Pine ).

Dominant Indica hybrid this strain was specially developed especially for those who like to make hash and is well known for its renown medicinal qualities — Specially recommended for body pain offering relief to many patients suffering from various chronic illnesses. This strain produces a sleepy relaxing high that is best enjoyed in the evening.

The Afghan elite cut use as mother come to us from E.U conserved since the 90’s. It was retained for her short flowering time of 40-45 days; in addition to this, she produces abundant yields and show a strong pest resistance. The Afghan nuggets hold an earthy, woody aroma, with a hint of hash and a dash of sweetness for good measure.

As reversed plant the Sangria # 707 was being also for her large yield and the exceptional and rich organoleptic profile expressed. Her smell will cover any other smell in the grow bow, the nose is
composed in first by a pungent red fruits smell pronounced by a berry after taste; this powerful combination composes the body of the Cantava flagrance.

Cantava nose reveals crushed Red fruits, citrus and berry with touches of lavender and burning wood. In the mouth we perceive the first fruits notes with a good body, which fills the palate with exuberant layers of lemon and perfumed berry that contrast with very mature and very fine earthy ending in a very Clear high following by a pronounced body indica effect.

Medium height tall the Cantava will sport a compact indica structure with large nugs; cause of the compact and large nugs be careful to your humidity level during the end of the bloom time. Especially
resistant to the bugs attack; the flowers are dense covered of trichome rich in terpenes which make this strain perfect for flowers or extraction production.

The quick finish makes it a great choice for growers looking for a short grow time. Cantava is perfectly adapted to indoor grow, but it has also grown well outdoors in areas with dry climates.
Indoor you can expect 8 weeks of bloom for the full maturation; in outdoor the plants will be at their maximum level, ready for harvest, around end September before the rainy season.

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