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Strawberry Guava won recognition at Chalice in 2017 as the 2nd place winner for Best Non-Solvent Concentrate as well as 1st place for Highest Terpenes in a Non-Solvent.

This terpy goddess is a cross of 14er StrawNana and a rare cut of Papaya. Bloom’s Strawberry Guava is the child of two cultivars with awesome flavor profiles and strong growth characteristics. The result is an almost-guava, heavy starburst and sweet cheese flavor that provides a massive yield and exceptional resin production. Great for concentrates, delivering a euphoric, relaxing and somewhat sedating feeling. Veg time of 3-4 weeks depending on cropping method with a finish at 9-10 weeks.


  • StrawNana from 14er in Boulder – @thesilentambassador
    • Crockett‘s Banana Kush x Serious Seed‘s Bubblegum
    • Strawberry yogurt/strawberry banana smoothie with a heavy kush backend
    • Impressive growth – high stretching
    • Full calyx development
  • Papaya
    • K.C. Brains Mango #33 x Afghani #1
    • Old cut selected by a PinkHouse employee that was brought back from LA in 2004 and has been a part of the CO scene since 2010.
    • Has an excellent terpene profile from mango, papaya and melon with a heavy funky/rotting fruit and sweet candy spearmint finish.
    • The Afghani father lends itself to vigorous growth, exceptional yield and a quick finish (8-9 weeks).


Strawberry Guava’s lineage provides an almost-guava, heavy starburst and sweet cheese flavor. Euphoric, relaxing and sedating at times.


Massive yield and impressive resin production. Veg time varies with cropping method; between 3-4 weeks. Should finish in flower in 9-10 weeks.

Moderate feed. Can take heavy/intense lighting, low pk boost in flower. Prefers root zone to dry before re-watering (does not like to stay wet


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About Bloom Seed Company:

Bloom Seed Company is a small group of lifelong cannabis devotees who banded together to intentionally breed premium genetics with non-solvent concentrates in mind. Bred for flavor and potency, these varieties are the favorites among a family of people who enjoy the art of the smoke. The whole idea is to create a selection of cultivars tailored specifically for the world’s greatest non-solvent concentrates.

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