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Grasa Strain


Grasa Strain
Royal Kush #9 x Otto
Granite Country Genetics
10 Regular Seeds

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Grasa Strain
royal kush #9 x otto 10 seeds regs also comes with a 10 pack FUERTE= oaxaca x otto.. (yes 20 seeds total!)
otto= donating male cbd. Vigorous even in extreme arid climates and consistently averages between 10 to 12% CBD. Over all a extremely versatile plants with unique attributes. Nose is heavy hops based with a sweet floral back end.

royal kush #9 (sour diesl x highland afghani) xsouthern humboldt purple kush …… If you’re looking for a flower that is what to the touch and has the power to make you sweat look no further. Created by Emerald mountain legacy farms oriel Kush is what legends are made of period with Turpin’s in flower for breaking 4% and over all Canada noight’s breaking 25% this variety is nothing short of power smoke. A resilient Hardy grower that performs well and the arid Southwest with little to no issues to speak of period the nose is that of its parents petr0l skunky tart funk

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