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Room: Indoor | Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genes: Sativa/Indica
Genetics: Green Crack x CBD autoflowering
Flowering: 9-10 weeks (flushing at 60 days)
Harvest: L
Height US: up to 35 inches
Height EU: up to 100 cm

CBD: Very High
Autoflowering: Yes

CBD Crack boasts vigorous early growth, with full blooming around week 5-6, good frosting with a nice scent by week 8, and harvesting in week 10 or 11. Ponytail her to get the side branches out & up and form some nice colas. Try 500ml of feed every other day, from day 14-17 up to week 4, and increasing as required after that. 70cm is a good height to reach, resulting in around a CBD Crack yield of about 120 grams. We recommend a bit of Low-Stress Training to improve light penetration and experimentation with light defoliation whether your growing indoor or outdoor.

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