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Black Cherry Punch Strain – Inhouse Genetics


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Black Cherry Punch Strain – Inhouse Genetics

Lineage:  Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch

Breeder:  Inhouse Genetics

Pack:  Black Pack 10 Seeds FEMS

Freebie:  Sticky Glue ( GG4 x Plat. Gorilla) FEMS


Hailing straight from the In House Genetics power house Black Cherry Pie, Black Cherry Punch is an Indica leaning hybrid with an unmistakable aroma and flavor. Fruity, sweet and sour like a true Black Cherry, this super tasty treat will have you reminiscing about those glass Black Cherry soda bottles from your younger years you could always rely on for a flavorful delight. The Purple Punch ancestry shows in effects as your mind and body become essentially relaxed and at ease. Great to reduce anxiety and stress. Black Cherry Punch is a great evening treat for even the most seasoned smokers. This grow of Black Cherry Punch is one of the best things I have came across. The quality is unsurpassed down to every detail. A true exotic grow in every sense of the term. Amazing job @resonant_cult ! I’ll be watching for anything and everything you guys are putting out! .
Photo Credit :  Grown By  Resonant Cultivation OK

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